IGCA Approved Breed Mentors Program

The IGCA Approved Breed Mentor Program is an integral part of the Judge’s Education Program. The mentor team is composed of those members who are able to articulate the IG standard and understand a judge’s perspective while maintaining an objective point of view.

  • A current IGCA club member in good standing.
  • A breeder and owner handler/exhibitor of IGs for a minimum of eight years.
  • Bred four champions from one or more litters.
  • Knowledge of and significant background in IGs.
  • Attendance of at least one National Specialty IGCA Judge’s Education seminar.
  • Attendance at one IGCA Approved Breed Mentor meeting held in conjunction with a National or Regional Specialty.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Adherence to all IGCA club rules and Code of Conduct in all areas of conduct and breeding practices and has demonstrated the ability to be a positive and productive ambassador of our breed.
  • Knowledgeable and respectful at all times of the current AKC approved IG breed standard.
  • Mentoring sessions conducted in a fair and impartial manner with restraint from promoting individual breeding programs and/or promotion of individual dogs or bias toward other breeding programs.
  • Various styles exist in the breed and would be appropriate to discuss, however, must be presented in an unbiased and educational form.
  • Participation and attendance in at least one scheduled National or Regional Specialty Approved Breed Mentor meeting every three years in order to maintain IGCA approved mentor status. Exceptions: IGCA club mentors that are AKC approved Italian Greyhound judges and IGCA approved mentors with a known physical limitation preventing long distance travel are not required to attend the Approved Breed Mentor meetings, however are encouraged to attend when possible.
  • Participation with IGCA Specialty Judge’s Education ringside mentoring sessions, seminars and workshops when available.
  • Provide dogs for IGCA approved seminars and workshops whenever available and necessary.
  • Approved IGCA Mentors are encouraged to attend IGCA Judge’s Education seminars whenever possible.
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Current IGCA Approved Breed Mentors List

Click on the highlighted “Name” text to email the Mentor.  The list was last updated 9/27/2023.

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