Versatility Program

In August, 1998, IGCA voted to implement the Versatility Program to recognize achievement in conformation and performance activities with a point schedule for titles earned, and Certificate Awards provided when achievement levels have been met.

Since 1998 the landscape for canine sports has changed significantly. More activities to compete in, more sanctioning organizations, and more titles to work towards means more opportunities for owners to bond with their IGs through training and competition. Today IGs and their owners are competing across a broad range of venues, and achieving success at all levels, showing just how truly versatile the breed really is.

In response to this changing landscape, IGCA has launched an expanded and updated Versatility Program that seeks to encourage enthusiasm for training and working with IGs, and that recognizes both versatility and outstanding achievement. You do not need to be a member of IGCA to participate, you just need to get out there and get active with your IG!

IGCA Versatility Program Rules

To qualify for a Versatility title, dogs must earn points from different categories outlined below. Please download Points/Categories Chart to see titles/awards qualify for points towards the titles below.

Download Points/Categories Chart

IGCA Versatility Titles
VC = Versatility Certificate, which requires 6 points in a minimum of 2 categories
VCX = Versatility Certificate Excellent, which requires 9 points in a minimum of 3 categories
VCM = Versatility Certificate Master, which requires 12 points in a minimum of 3 categories
VCMX = Versatility Certificate Master Excellent, which requires 15 points in a minimum of 4 categories

How to Count Points

Points are additive. For example, an IG that has both a CH and a GCH earns 2 points for the CH plus 3 points for the GCH for a total of five points within the Conformation category.

Points cannot be awarded more than once for the same title. Points earned for each versatility level count towards higher levels of versatility. For example, an IG that has a VC needs only an additional 3 points and one more category to earn the VCX as long as at least one of the titles earned is at the Intermediate or higher level.

Qualify for a Title?

Once your IG has earned the required points, you can submit copies of the official records to the Versatility Chair. Official records are defined as either certificates, official records from the sanctioning organization (such as the official grading guide for racing), written and signed documentation as deemed official by the sanctioning organization (such as therapy visit records) or records posted on the sanctioning organizations’ website.

Once the application has been received, reviewed, and approved by the Versatility Chair, the Versatility Certificate will be mailed to the applicant. All certificates awarded will be published on the IGCA website, and announced annually at the IG National Specialty.


Complete the application form below and submit to the Versatility Chair along with the following:
  • Handling fee of $10 (IGCA members) or $15 (non-members) in the form of a check or money order payable to IGCA or
  • PayPal payment sent to [email protected]. If paying through PayPal, forward your receipt to the Versatility Chair as proof of payment.
  • Hard copies of all proof of title documents or scanned images of the documents.

Are We Missing an Activity?

The IGCA encourages participation in performance activities by IGs and their owners to the greatest extent, so if you don’t see your sport or title listed in the Performance Activities and Titles table, please contact the Versatility Chair to find out about using those titles to fulfill requirements. When requesting credit for sports that are not listed, some factors to consider are:
  • Does the sport have a titling or certification program?
  • Can you provide evidence that the requirements of a program have been fulfilled (i.e. certificate or title issued by a sanctioning organization)?
  • Can you provide a link to their online rules and regulations so that we can assess the requirements and place earned titles into the appropriate levels?

2022 Versatility Award Recipients

Toby IX
owned by Kate Northrop
in events of Obedience, Coursing, and Public Service
Earning the Versatility Title of: VC

Caliente’s Tuxedo Junction
owned by Reagan Healea
in events of Obedience and Public Service
Earning the Versatility Title of: VC

Raindance She Is A Diamond
Owned by Tracy Moraca
in events of Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Coursing, Racing, Scent Work
Earning the Versatility Title of: VCMX
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